Hong De Cultural & Athletic Association

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westside connection gangsta nation feat nate dogg Hong De Cultural & Athletic Association is a Non-Profit Association incorporated under the Society Act of Alberta.  Our objectives are to promote the Chinese culture and to instill positive values in the younger generation.  We currently offer the following programs:


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Lion Dance is an important part of Chinese culture and tradition. In the past, Lion Dance was only seen during Chinese New Year and at some businesses grand openings; today, Lion Dance is a common sight at weddings, anniversaries, parades, and many other functions and events. The lion's blessings are believed to bring happiness, longevity and good luck.

westside connection bow down to terrorist threats Hong De Lion Dance Troupe is an official member of the International Sar Ping Lion Dance Confederation.  Our goal is to develop and promote the art of Lion Dance as a cultural sport with systematic training programs of international standards.

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Chinese Dragon Dance

westlife__i_have_a_dream_1_liveogg Dragon Dance is also a form of traditional dance in the Chinese culture. Like the Lion Dance it is often seen in festive celebration.  The Dragon dance is performed by a skilled team whose job is to bring the motionless body to life.

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Warrior Drumming

In China, red drums have always been a symbol of the power of the ruler and the destiny of the army. In the early days, drums were used to boost the soldiers' morale in the battle fields.  Drummings are sometimes used to draw the audience's attention in a performance or performed together with the Lion Dance, and Dragon Dance.

The Chinese drumming has become a performing art around the world.  With the variation of rhythm, tempo, strength, and techniques, the drummers are able to intensify the power of drums and bring them to a whole new level.

The Drumming lesson is our latest addition to the programs offered here at Hong De.


Martial Arts

Martial Arts allow children to improve their strength, flexibility, and coordination. Not only do children learn important self-defense techniques, we also believe that the most important elements that children will develop from our martial arts classes are the importance of hard work, confidence, discipline, and respect for others.

Join the team - FREE LESSONS!

Hong De Cultural & Athletic Association has a diverse group of students ranging from 6 to 29 years of age. Although our recommended starting age is 6, it is possible for children to start earlier if they have the integrity and willingness to learn.

Come join us at one of our practice lessons and experience it firsthand.  At Hong De, not only you will get to learn the proper techniques on Lion Dance and Martial Arts, you will also get to make new friends, and have the opportunity to perform in many great functions and events in Edmonton, as well as, other cities., other cities.

Since we are a Non-Profit Association, our goal is solely to promote the art itself. All of our lessons are offered free of charge so everyone may have the opportunity to learn.  Having said that, it also our responsibility to create a safe and friendly environment for all our students, thus only individuals who had demonstrated a satisfactory level of discipline and respect for others will be considered.

Our weekly practice lessons are held every Wednesday (7:00 pm - 8:30 pm) and Friday (7:00 pm - 9:30 pm) at the Delwood Elementary School - 7315, Delwood Road.

For more information, please call 780-266-2268 or email us at HongDe@live.ca We look forward to seeing you at our practice lessons!